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Server-side rendering

Interweave utilizes the DOM to parse and validate HTML, and as such, requires a polyfill for server-side rendering to work correctly. There are 2 options to solve this.


The interweave-ssr package provides a simple DOM polyfill, based on the parse5 HTML parser.

yarn add interweave-ssr --dev

Begin by importing and executing the polyfill() function before rendering React. This requires Interweave v12.5+ and will intercept the document parser with a custom implementation.

import { polyfill } from 'interweave-ssr';


This option is very lightweight and only supports the bare minimum. For example, nodes in the tree only support the getAttribute(), hasAttribute(), removeAttribute(), and setAttribute() methods (view all available). If you encounter a situation where you need more functionality, please submit a pull request!


JSDOM is a full DOM implementation within Node, and as such, can easily polyfill the document. This approach may be heavy but is the most robust.

yarn add jsdom --dev

Begin by creating an instance and setting the window and document globals before rendering React.

import JSDOM from 'jsdom';

global.window = new JSDOM('', { url: 'http://localhost' });
global.document = global.window.document;